RAW Organic Royal Jelly in RAW Organic Gallberry Honey


The live enzymes in the local raw organic Gallberry Honey naturally preserve the raw organic royal jelly.

Our continuously freshly harvested royal jelly may bee the most medicinal product a bee makes. Royal jelly helps boost the immune system and counters allergic reactions, helps Alzeheimer’s patients brain function, contains beneficial probiotics, eases menopausal and post menopausal symptoms, improves collagen level to produce beautiful skin, treats Osteoporosis and makes our bones strong, aids in healing wounds, improves male fertility, treats asthma, improves memory, aids gastrointestinal health, treats diabetes, helps heal cancer patients who have suffered damage from chemotherapy or radiation, is anti-inflammatory, performs antioxidant activities, and animals live longer who have takes royal jelly regularly, significantly longer.

Gifu Pharmaceutical University in Japan reports royal jelly protects the brain from toxic chemicals, poison, repairs the brain, and improves cognitive activity, connecting the neurotransmitters in the brain, improving thinking speed, coordination, and memory, protects and cleanses the liver, which is a big deal, that is our filter. Royal jelly also reduces all inflammation, heals the skin, controls diabetes and blood sugar level levels, prevents breast cancer, and lowers our bad cholesterol, while not harming our good cholesterol.

Royal jelly also gives us energy, heals dry skin, aids vision, helps menopause, boosts metabolism, detoxes pesticides, heals sun damage, improves sperm count and testosterone, helps fertility for woman also, which makes this product the number 1 medicinal product a bee makes according to the experts and doctors.

These Products are not approved by the FDA. Furthermore, these statements are only the experiences and opinions of employees and customers of Liquid Gold Honey, Inc. These products are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or help and disease, illness, or sickness or anything whatsoever.

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