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Buckwheat has the highest amount antioxidants, and it is the strongest tasting RAW Organic Honey we sell. If you don’t mind the molasses aftertaste, RAW Organic Buckwheat Honey is one of Dr. Oz’s Top 3 recommended medicinal honeys on earth, and is claimed to attain anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging properties, detoxes people from free radicals that can lead to serious diseases, and softens the skin. A former scientist at NASA and retired Air Force pilot claimed RAW Organic Buckwheat Honey kills cancer cells invitro (in a test tube). People say our RAW Organic Buckwheat Honey cures their sore throats or coughs in 1-2 days, and helps to eliminate tumors.

These Products are not approved by the FDA. Furthermore, these statements are only the experiences and opinions of employees and customers of Liquid Gold Honey, Inc. These products are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or help and disease, illness, or sickness or anything whatsoever.

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