Raw Organic Propolis


Some people call this raw organic propolis natural antibiotics.

When people feel a cold coming on they pop a small piece of propolis in their mouth to seal their body from illness the same way bees seal the hive. People have claimed raw organic propolis has healed their cold sores, canker sores, infections in their body, eliminated bacteria, and fought viruses, including preventing them from getting sick, healed their warts, lowers blood pressure, improves heart health, relaxes muscles, increases blood flow, helps hypertension, treats bone diseases by building and maintaining healthy bone tissue, may help osteoporosis, helps treat seasonal allergies, has natural anti-histamines, propolis boosts prostate cancer cell death, kills colon cancer cells, does not hurt healthy cells, may help treating food poisoning and kill parasites, protects injured teeth, makes teeth and gums stronger, reduces heat stress, while pomoting athletic performance naturally.

Approx. 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch in size (only 1/2 of fingernail piece or less at a time under the tongue in placed in the gum.)

These Products are not approved by the FDA. Furthermore, these statements are only the experiences and opinions of employees and customers of Liquid Gold Honey, Inc. These products are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or help and disease, illness, or sickness or anything whatsoever.

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