RAW Organic Gallberry Comb


RAW Organic Gallberry Comb is harvested from our Florida beehives with zero heat and zero processing. Our hives are placed in organic regions of Florida, so far west there is no spraying, pesticides, or RoundUp anywhere near our hives. Cel phones do not work off of these dirt roads where the bees are. The honeycombs are loaded with propolis, bee pollen, antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. The Raw Organic Gallberry Honey Less sweet more smooth, with the most live enzymes compared  to all the others. The honeycomb is loaded with propolis, a natural antio-biotic that protects us from viruses, infections, bacteria, even parasites! And its delicious!!!!!

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Enjoy Delicious Raw Organic Gallberry Honey and Honeycomb! Lighter, Smoother, Less sweet, & Delicious!  Most people do not know the wax is loaded propolis, a natural anti-biotic. The longer people keep the wax (honeycomb) in their mouth, the more anti-biotic benefits and protection they receive from viruses, bacteria, infections, even parasites. This takes honey eating to the next level. Boosts your immune system to outer space, and gives you extra energy! Enjoy!!!!!


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