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Raw Organic Golden Clover Honey

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Our sweet RAW Organic Clover Honey is sweet yet smooth, and it is excellent in tea, with a hint of naturally occurring cinnamon aftertaste. Sweet RAW Organic Clover Honey is the richest RAW Honey in minerals, because Selenium is rich in the soil where we harvest this delicious RAW Honey. Therefore people claim our RAW Organic Cover Honey aids them in fertility, helps in woman’s health, helps arthritis, dandruff, prostate health in men, menopause, detoxes heavy metals, and aids people in brain function, speedy thinking, and memory. The Raw Organic Sweet Clover honey is sometimes crystallized and sometimes not. All Raw Honey eventually crystallizes. Cold temperatures may speed up the natural process of crystallization.

It is golden, smooth, rich, and buttery tasting. Its beautifully sweet and smooth honey is excellent in tea and coffee, and sweetening pretty much everything. At the same time, this beautiful honey is very rich in selenium, which is extraordinarily beneficial for anti-aging, skin, hair, nails, fertility, women, and men, and much more.

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