We are Florida beekeepers, and we come from a family of beekeepers. We have one goal, to produce and sell the highest quality raw honey on the planet. This starts with having phenomenal locations where we have carefully placed each beehive, far away from people, chemicals, spraying, or pesticides. Usually our hives are located off of small dirt roads, and many times cell phones do not work at these locations because they way off the beaten path, and in nature.

Our bees forage wild blackberries, wildflowers, orange blossoms, saw palmettos, gallberries, clovers, and much more. We never feed, treat our bees, or ever give them sugar water. This is why our honey takes longer to make, and it is more expensive. Once our bees bring the natural bee pollen and nectar back to the hives and make honey, and other wonderful bee products, we carefully extract the honey with NO heat whatsoever. We take our time.

Most people who put the word RAW on their label have heated their honey to some degree, so its not 100% raw. Our honey that we sell is 100% RAW, with the bee pollen, propolis, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, and minerals all still completely in place, the way the bees made it. The honey that you purchase from Liquid Gold Honey, is the exact honey the bees have made, not 1% different.